Four Seasons

June 24th, DiA performance at Theater De Krakeling in Amsterdam.

A full evening performance with new works from Chalk Dance choreographers Lauren Yeung and Shannon Mary May from Canada.

A new choreography from Beatrice Pellizzato from Italy.

And the premiere of Four Seasons – Vivaldi from Martine van Santen. 

We are happy to welcome you at our performances and we hope you will enjoy it.

About us

Dance in Art is a center for dance, art education and performance training. We offer a unique learning and research environment for aspiring artists and dance practitioners. DiA fosters an inclusive atmosphere, encouraging interaction between different forms of art. Our teaching builds curiosity, experimentation, self-motivation, independent thinking and self-discovery within every artist.


We have all heard about #metoo, from stories of a friend or maybe have had an experience with it ourselves. Filmmaker Sophie Koster remembers reading yet another article about power and abuse, involving a University professor and students. Which made her think about paying a tribute to this movement by making a dance film, so that we can spread the message even further. Because #metoo is not just a moment.

Premiere will be Friday November 18th 2022 at Verhalenhuis Haarlem.

DiA Junior Company

“DiA has given me so much energy to push through my fear and to look forward to the new challenges that are coming.”

Jet Leang / Choreographic Research Program

“Working and collaborating with dancers from different backrounds to explore and expand teaching methods, is one of the great opportunities that Dance in Art has given me.”

Vivian Pratanou / Dance Research Program

“Dance in Art is warm, creative, young, dynamic and organic.”

Malika Berney / Mentorship Program

“She gave me the key to step out from my comfort zone, thanks to Martine van Santen and Dance in Art 15/16 I know that anything is possible. If you stay hungry and go after your goals no matter what! Dance to feel good!”

Pauliina Pakarinen / Dancer DiA Junior Company